Description : Its always time to change
The main purpose of this development project is provide extra tools to manage current
refugee and immigrant integration in a non formal way.Our project is supposed to run for 2
years and aims to create customizable game as a tool kit for sensitization and
empowerment for stuff,Volunteer and teachers in adult learning field.There will be four
main catagories such as discrimination,cultural awarenesses,melting box,active
citizenship.First year we will make need analysis,share the best practises and create first
draft of toolkit.And following year we ll test,develop and publish toolkit including
game,video tutorial and miniguide.Game will be totaly customizable according to needs of
adult learning centers,schools and NGOs.
The main target groups are stuff,teachers and volunteers who can customize the tool kit
according to their needs.And use the tool kit for their daily work.Secondary target group is
newly arrived adult refugees and immigrant who can play the game and increase awaress
about discrimination,culture and active citizenship in a fun way.

Full Title: Its always time to change
Start: 08/2017
End: 08/2019
Programme: NordPlus
Sub Programme: KA2
Website; –
Specific Objectives;
The objectives of our project are:
-We would like to create a customizable tool kit which aim to increase the quality and
variety of learning
in adult educational field.
-Participants who are immigrants and refugees can be part of learning process in a fun way
participants who are stuff, teachers and volunteers will increase their intercultural
competences and
resilience to deal with current integration issues.
-Partner organizations will share their knowledge and best practises related to tool kit which
will increase
capacity of the organization.

Its always time to change
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