Description : Dreaming Out Loud
Dreaming out load will encourage European youth to raise their voice and DREAM about a
different Europe, more inclusive, more tolerant and respecting the Human Rights and
commitment regarding refugee population arriving to our borders. The goal is to generate
positive messages to be disseminated and political proposals for a respectful and coherent
Main topics: social awareness, active participation and citizenship, solidarity, creativity,
thinking, youth initiative, digital albafetization, social and political advocacy.

Full Title: Dialogue with other
Start: 1/09/2016
End: 28/02/2018
Programme: Erasmus Plus
Sub Programme: KA2 Youth
Specific Objectives;
This proposal will traing youth workers in diverse aspects with innovative methods:
• social awareness and breaking down of stereotypes (innovative method The BOX)
• Design of positive messages to face this Migration Crisis and promote hosting processes
Hate Speech content and dissemination campaign)
• Generation of proposals to implicate local, regional and national goverments in a most
inclusive Europe (Advocacy: debate tables innovative method)

Dreaming Out Loud
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