Description : CLEAR
The use of theatre techniques in the elementary school is proven to be very effective for the improvement of
the school performance of the children (see for example the work of Kieran Egan, Dewey and Jean Piaget). It
addresses at the same time linguistic intelligence, logical (reasoning) intelligence, spatial intelligence, bodily-
kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence and naturalist intelligence. It
makes the class more attractive and it promotes the active participation of the students in the class improving
in this way the educational performance of the children. It is especially important for immigrant/refugee
children that do not know very well the language of their host country and therefore they need more non-
linguistic stimula in order to be able to achieve the desired level of learning. However, even though theatre
education is part of many of the school curricula, the use of drama techniques in order to teach subjects of
the school curricula is not widely used. Most of the schools use the traditional top-down approach to learning
which limits the active participation of students in education. When drama techniques are used, it is usually in
the framework of language courses and not in the framework of science or maths. For this reason, the project
is aiming to produce a comprehensive methodology for the use of drama techniques for all the subjects of the
school curriculum and for all the classes of the elementary school. This will be a very useful resource for all the
elementary school teachers in Europe who will be able to find suggestions and tools in order to implement
drama techniques for teaching the curriculum.
Start: 01/11/2016
End: 30/10/2018
Programme: Erasmus Plus
Sub Programme: KA2 School

Specific Objectives;
◊ to develop a comprehensive methodology related with the use of drama techniques to teach subjects in the
elementary school that will cover the complete curriculum of all the classes of the elementary school
◊ to develop high quality digital material addressed to teachers, trainers and educational managers seeking to
introduce the theater in their educational institutes for improving the quality of the education
◊ to organise e-learning seminars for the training of elementary school teachers in the methodology
◊ to organise face to face workshops for the training of elementary school teachers in the methodology
◊ to provide a pedagogical framework through the development of guidelines (including managerial and
technical issues) to educational providers and teachers on how to create their own digital material and share it
with other members of the European online community.
◊ to pilot test the use in the classroom of the resources developed by the project and to evaluate trial
experiences in order to review the material if necessary or expand it when applicable as well as to assess the
CLEAR development methodology

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