Hej all! 

It’s finally reached that time, the time for me to go home to Australia, a lot has happened over the past year, i’ve learnt so much, made heaps of new friends, taught, laughed and lived.

I had a wonderful bunch of experiences in and outside of Sweden with IFALL, while the organisation was shaky at times, we pushed through as a team, and that’s something i think i have definitely learned over the year is that i can rely on my team and i should put more faith in people working together. 

We have achieved so much together, finishing and attending projects, hosting meetings, training, teachings, learning, reading, speaking, and always FIKA!

I’m not sure what i’m going to when i go back to Australia, but something I can say for certain is that i will never forget what has happened here in Europe, and I look forward to coming back before too long.

Signing off (for now) Adam Eleftheriou!     

Hejsan,det har gått bra hittills


Jag är Elina och jag skuggar/praoar hos Adam. Jag tror att det kommer att bli kul att få veta hur man gör på IFALL den här kommande veckan, men vi får se hur det går när man har Adam som mentor… Det har gått bra hittills tror jag. Jag har fått prova på att jobba lite och äta med “kollegorna”. Vi kommer ha cirkus om någon timme.
Jag förväntar mig att det ska kännas som en vanlig jobbvecka, så att jag får reda på hur det är att jobba.
De lokalerna vi kommer vara på är på IFALLs kontor, lillhallen, Forum park och utbildningscentrum.
Jag har redan fått lite reda på hur det är på IFALL för att jag var en del av den innan. Jag var också på Caprifolen och gjorde voltige med Minna Slotthedern och Maria Nilsson.
När jag inte är här och skuggar så går jag på Solängskolan nära Strandhem. Jag tycker att skolan är okey men det är skönt att komma ifrån den ibland. Jag går i åttan just nu så jag är snart klar med grundskolan. Jag vet inte riktigt vilken linje jag vill gå på än men det tror jag kommer att lösa sig.

LENO EVS in Örkelljunga

Hello Everyone! It’s Damla from Turkey. It’s my second EVS in Sweden! Since I had a lot of experience with Ifall, I wanted to spend my 11 months here in Örkelljunga. I was working as a project coordinator in Turkey and have been in various Erasmus projects and wanted to improve myself more. Here, I have a chance to be with different intercultural background people! Even now, I am in the office with my friends who are from Australia and France! I am going to work for LENO (Leave No One Behind) project and help other Erasmus KA2 projects and local activities. LENO is a project about social inclusion through art, music, dance, circus, etc. and I am proud of the be part of it. We have even a soundtrack! Don’t forget to google and listen to it!

I studied International Relations in Ankara and I am more into the practice rather than theories so I like to combine two and learn more. Since I am studying social sciences, I prefer working with people a lot. I am here to improve my skills like language, non-formal education methods, Erasmus world, cooking :), learning more about myself and more. The place that I live is so quiet that you can listen to your soul and understand more of yourself. So I prefer meditating when I have free time on weekends but that is not the only thing I like. In addition to this, I like reading a lot, cooking, watching movies, riding a bicycle, playing table tennis, and spend some time in a sauna with friends! Very Swedish 🙂 Hopefully, I will also jump to the lake after sauna. I am not brave enough now 😀 Furthermore, the sauna is not the typical thing only. Here is more! First one is Fika! I mentioned in my first blog that 2 years ago if you can find it on google but if not I am sure that you will research more after I did a summarise. If you add love, friendship and coffee break together, it becomes Fika! Swedish people and I love it. It is a great time to gathering all people and eat snacks, cookies, fruits and drink various drinks. It is really up to you. But just let you know, it is not a personal thing that you are alone. You need to be with people and start to talk about weather 😀 Like UK, here is also raining a lot. Weather is so crazy that 10 minutes ago it could be sunny and then suddenly here comes the rain again after the early in the morning. But still so peaceful and full of forest or green places! As a person who lived in an apartment since the time from birth, I highly recommend everyone to try and live in a small cottage or someplace to nearby green areas. It takes all my negativity and makes me feel full of love and happiness. If you don’t have any chance to live in a place like that which is so normal, don’t forget to go to the picnic and entertain yourself more!

I spent just 2 weeks here and I am happily announcing that changing your environment for a while if you have a chance is something extraordinary and fantastic! I am sure that sometimes I will work a lot that I won’t have time for myself but still, I will try to create time for me! Live is a journey about yourself and surroundings and hopefully, everyone discovers more and more each day and start a new positive life every each day! Take care and stay tuned! Many hugs from a Turkish girl.

PS: I have a Turkish coffee with me, I invite you to Fika with me! Take some biscuits and come and join me. I can also read your future from your cups 😀

Best Wishes!

Tom from the UK: “I wish to meet a bunch of new people and to be able to learn about their individual cultures”.

Hey, my name is Tom and I am from England. I’m 17 years old and currently studying at Easton and Otley College in Norfolk. I have just finished my first year of my diploma in Sports-Health, Fitness and Injury. In my year 2 i will be studying Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation.

Whilst I am here, I wish to meet a bunch of new people and to be able to learn about their individual cultures. I hope to also be able to teach others the skills and knowledge that I possess.

During my free time I like to play a lot of sports especially Rugby. This is because I play for my college and a club-Holt RFC and county. Other than sport I enjoy films, reading and music.

In the future I am hoping that I am able to spread the skills that I will have learnt from this week among other people.

My experiences so far with IFALL!

Hello, there!

This is Lidia and I wanna tell you that my experience in IFALL has changed. Now it has become more complex, where I not only learn and get involved in what I do, but also model myself after what I do. Interaction with children has become more interesting and from which I can understand what they express, not just what they say and show.

Now, my work is about researching for different things, like projects, articles and Sweden! Helping here and being with people from here, and being part of what IFALL is, develops me as a person by understanding and learning that what is being done here is a complex thing where each member and volunteer is a help and a change in IFALL. Doing research and seeing in what IFALL is involved, makes me want to learn about how this world really is and makes me want to be a part of the help that people need. So far, every time was different, with the children and young people but also the office work that I am doing is changing because each time is different. And that makes everything nice and exciting! From doing research, I’m learning about Sweden culture and people, about how Sweden help its people with different needs and how Sweden really is. The work that I am doing is each time a new thing that I learn and that makes the time exciting!

Meet Lidia

Hey! I am Lidia Ichim from Romania. I’m 22 years old and I graduated Social work at University of Petrosani in Romania. I applied for Erasmus+ and now I am in Sweden, practicing for my degree at IFALL. First days here I meet a part of the refugees. We had outdoor activities that made us closer and we had learn about each other. One of the things that we did and I liked was that we had to play a game in which each one has to make a move dance. We had to remember that for every one. Remembering that meant that you care about the other and you want that person to be seen. I think that its what matter in working with the others. To care and be a help for them. Sweden is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I find myself a lucky person for being here. I like being involved in social activities and I consider myself a very optimistic person and that helps me in my interactions with the others. If you want to know more and you’re curious about more, come to IFALL in Sweden!

My Erasmus traineeship!


My name is Marya, I’m 19 and I come from Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

I’m in Sweden because an Erasmus traineeship related on Social Integration. And I’m staying here for 3 months so I hope I can learn and enjoy as much as I can.

On my pasts 3 years I graduated in performing arts because I wanted to do something different and I wanted to burst my creative side. After that I realized that my aim in life is helping others in a more personal way so I entered studying Social Integration.

The foreign countries have always called my attention and luckily English has been a language that I liked since I was little so here I have the great opportunity to improve it.

A side all this I’m a very humble and curious person, I like knowing other cultures, new people and listening to their live stories. I love any kind of music, arts in general and I sing. I’m empathetic too, I do care about what happens to the world, I like sharing with others thoughts and experiences, because there’s where you understand more about live and yourself. At last I enjoy thinking in new ways to evolve as humans in our society. That explains why in a future I would like to study psychology.

I’m waiting to see what I can offer to you!

Islander Sebastian

Hello, my name is Sebastian and I’m nineteen years old. I’m from Mallorca, Spain.
I have a levels in humanistic and socials studies and I’m currently studing a advanced degree in Social, Cultural and Touristic Animation.

I’m looking forward to work as part of a team. I have good skills in social abilities like active listening and team working, which could be useful to you. Apart from that, I am very flexible and kind person.

I have always planned to spend some time abroad during my studies to develop my professional skills and exchange ideas with different people from all over the world to better understand cross-cultural differences and improve my communicative skills.

Here are egalitarian in nature, humble and find boasting absolutely unacceptable. In many ways, prefer to listen to others as opposed to ensuring that their own voice is heard. When they are speaking they speaks softly and calmly.

I hope to help IFall in all their projects.

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