Meet Lidia

Hey! I am Lidia Ichim from Romania. I’m 22 years old and I graduated Social work at University of Petrosani in Romania. I applied for Erasmus+ and now I am in Sweden, practicing for my degree at IFALL. First days here I meet a part of the refugees. We had outdoor activities that made us closer and we had learn about each other. One of the things that we did and I liked was that we had to play a game in which each one has to make a move dance. We had to remember that for every one. Remembering that meant that you care about the other and you want that person to be seen. I think that its what matter in working with the others. To care and be a help for them. Sweden is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I find myself a lucky person for being here. I like being involved in social activities and I consider myself a very optimistic person and that helps me in my interactions with the others. If you want to know more and you’re curious about more, come to IFALL in Sweden!

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