My Swedish experience :)

Hello to everyone!

My name is Nayma, I´m 28 and I come from Spain. I´m studying Junior Administrative Assistant.
I come to Sweden because It´s a amazing country.
I´m a very energetic person; I like playing sports a lot, specially basketball, I was a professional player when I was young, I like playing football too, actually I like to play different sports like paddel ,tennis, Valencian Ball or Volleyball in my free times.
I have worked in differents places in spain, Sports instructor, waitress, cleanning stuff, kids teacher out of school, oranges collector, grapes collector…
I´m a very positive person, I like dancing, singing with my friends, read some books (specially buddhism books) I´m a determined person and organized.
I don´t speak english correctly but I´m trying to learn, I like to meet new people and I can help with everything you need on your projects. I can help with Account stuff, human resources, comercial department…
I´m a responsible person, kind with all people.
There are a amazing people here in IFALL, they make me feel like home.
The most valuable thing for me in this experience is to learn about different cultures and different ways to do my job.
I would like to have more skills or abilities in my area.
I´m very excited about this opportunity, I feel motivated by this project and I hope I can help to all of you.
I´m a little scary about the languange but i`m loooking forward to start helping you.

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