Life as an Aussie in EVS

2018….! How time flies. I’ve been here for exactly two months, quite a lot has been accomplished. In the last two months of 2017, my work colleague Sebastian and I have helped produce a musical with the children from Caprifolen; replacing their vaulting scenes with circus. We only had a short amount of time in total to work with the students specifically to prepare them for the musical and it was a success. They could pick up on skills and performance very quick which made it easy to teach and to make progress.

In return of us teaching them circus, they would teach us vaulting, which I enjoy very much and it is a dream for me to combine circus and horses together as I have a passion for horse riding and circus.

We have also been teaching at a School In a different village to younger children for four weeks, who have asked for us for another four weeks. One of the things I love about teaching is building the connections with the students. It can be a bit awkward and difficult at first with shyness but once the students start to get to know us and trust us, it is easier for us as trainers to connect with them.

Teaching the refuge children is a bit more of a challenge as we are trying to implement rules and boundaries that they are not so used to in the space we use. But over the last 2 months we have made so much progress and the children are starting to follow and understand our rules. And once again, we have started to build a relationship with the children that come to our ‘sports and circus for all’ which is always great. Our next goal while we are here is preparing another musical, which the aim is to involve the refuge children with the Caprifolen vaulting students.

On my personal sides of things, I have met lots more people and have built a stronger relationship with the people i had first met. I have made a few trips to Helsingborg with my work colleagues who I can call my close friends.  I am now  part of a Swedish family who I enjoy spending my time with and love bringing joy too, and I go horse riding every week which means nothing else but the world to me.  I have learnt so much being here and I can’t wait to see what I become at the end of my work here.

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