Great weekends!!

Hej hej,

this time I´m going to write about what I was doing since I came back to Örkelljunga. The last time I wrote it was two weeks ago, so I had two weekends to see a bit more of Skåne.

Last weekend we went to visit Lund, I really wanted to go because I had heard so much about this city. We spend the whole day there visiting “touristic” places and enjoying the city. It was really good to spend the day surrounded by people. For once the streets were full of people, full of life… That isn´t so common in Örkelljunga. In Spain, I´m used to go out and see  streets full of people even in theIMG_20160123_121748 evenings. Spanish people… 🙂  We like to hang out with our friends outdoors and in the evening. Lund is a university city so that means more international people. You can realize that because you are going to hear people talking in English on the streets. For once we were not only ones who were speaking English  🙂

Here I show you some photos from Lund.

IMG_20160123_121228       IMG_20160123_115155


This weekend we went to watch an Icehockey match in Ängelholm. I have never watched one before and I liked it. We are not used to this kind of sport in Spain and I think that is something so common in Sweden. It was funny to see how swedish people enjoy sports and, for once, I found them less strict and less cold. The game was Rögle vs Växjö and finally Växjö won, 4-1. It was a different Saturday and it was also good to visit Ängelholm because it was the first time I was there. So different weekend and a nice weekend, we will see what we can do the next weekend.





Have a nice week. 

Laura 🙂


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