Warm Initiative

This week, like every morning, I was reading the news of my country and I found one article which caught my attention. So today I want to write about it and tell you why I have chosen it.

This initiative appear in Galicia, Spain, and is called “the blanket of the life”. A group of Spanish women, getting bored of listen news about refugees and fell they are not doing anything for them, had a really good idea. They started to meet and sew by hand, but maybe you are wondering what the relation between this and the refugees is. The objective of this women is to make blankets, by hand, for the Syrian refugees, it doesn’t matter the size the most important is to make the blanket because this people need something to be warm in winter and to make more comfortable their beds.

They decided to create a page on internet and now they are more than 2.000 woman sewing around all Spain, this initiative started in Spain but now it has spread out in Spain. Each blanket takes, more or less, between ten or twenty hours of work and then these blankets are sent to “the association in support for Syrian nation”, who is the responsible for distributing it among the refugees.

I think that the important is not the blankets, because everyone can buy one and give it to this organization, the really important thing is the fact that these women started this initiative to make something with their hands which is going to help the refugees. I mean, they use their leisure time to make something which can help to other person to feel better and appreciated. For me, the human part is more important and that is the reason I chose this article.

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