First time in Sweden!


First personal post 🙂 I´ll try to share my experience as EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteer at IFALL.

It is not the first time that I´ll be living abroad but every experience is unique (so far I´ve been living in France, Morocco and Slovenia). I´ve never imagined that I´ll come to Sweden and for me Sweden is a very “exotic” country!

Örkelljunga is an amazing charming and peaceful place. Its surroundings look like a postcard! As I really enjoy hiking and being in the nature, I am looking forward to discover new paths and places in the region. I can´t wait to see how it is during winter, even if I have to admit winter here sounds pretty scary 😀

It´s the first time that I will live in such a “small” place and I´m thrilled of being away of the agitation of big cities for a while. I´m quite happy that we have a busy schedule though. I´m still getting used to my new environment and some things remain confusing (I´ll talk about it further posts), whereas I´m already very enthousiastic about some aspects of Sweden and life here.

For now, I´d like to enjoy daylight and nice weather as much as I can, as well as meeting new people here. I also would like to work on my Swedish so I would be able to write a short post in Swedish soon. Discovering Swedish culture will also be much easier for me when I would be able to speak a bit.

See you soon,



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