Training Course – Volunteering

Volunteering – as a guarantee of future leadership

Kobuleti, Georgia

Summary:  This is a training course for youth workers, leaders, active youth volunteers, decision makers, trainers who are interested in this field and who have a pretty motivation and skills to be a part of it. The main aim of the project is to develop cooperation between active youth workers and show them a meaning of volunteering. How honorable is to be a volunteer and how real chances people have to be future leaders. During the Training course the participants will raise their awareness and understand how they can promote new skills and then use them for reaching future goals and became leaders. They will clearly understand about that volunteering is closely connected with the leadership.

Main aims:

  • To raise the awareness between the young people in voluntary work, their self-determination and to understand about a great role of youth volunteering to the future leadership and success. Volunteerism –it is the basis on which we have to establish further developments and achievements. Volunteerism it is a global and European perspective to develop rightly, activation of society and citizens, their participation in public affairs, raising the civil culture and promoting leadership qualities that are directly based on volunteerism. It is necessary to acknowledge the fact that voluntary activity adds pride and dignity for everyone, because for this way people serve the purpose, which they think is correct and there is not only self-interest objectives. Youth development is necessary that occur in terms of volunteerism, because it is the leadership – one of the basic guarantees, the first steps toward future success.
  • To equip participants with skills to act effectively as multipliers in their local realities and national contexts through the creation of projects.
  • To provide participants with an awareness of the different mechanisms of representative and participatory of youth work and volunteering.


  • To raise the awareness of young people in volunteer activities those are directly linked to the future leadership. To promote European cooperation in the youth field. To contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organizations in the youth field.
  • Emphasizing values, understanding of what it should be based on modern European and non-European citizens.
  • Respect for the selfless labor, which is a guarantee that the young volunteers will be successful in future.
  • Gathering of the young people who have practiced and wishing to occupation with volunteer activities, sharing of ideas, experiences, and views and creating a clear presentation of the future perspectives.
  • To promote the youth generation to a correct direction, in the circumstances that this is a guarantee of peace and cooperation between nations, what is the aim of the modern international community.

 Profile of the Participants:

  • Youth workers, leaders, active youth volunteers, decision makers, trainers.
  • Be aged between 18 and 35;
  • Competently able to work in English language;
  • Motivated to be a volunteer and having an experience of volunteer work.

Dates:  09.06.2014 – 16.09.2014

Location: Kobuleti, Georgia

Conditions:100% of visa and accommodation/meals and training costs paid for by the ERASMUS + ; 70% of travel cost will be reimbursed.

Contact: if you are interested just contact Necmettin Meletli:

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